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The Enigma of Right To Be Forgotten In India's Digital – Era.

Blog by – Shaily Jain

Date – 11-03-2024

The Right to be Forgotten in India, governed by the Personal Data Protection Bill, strikes a balance between privacy and freedom of expression. Beneficiaries include individuals, privacy advocates, and tech companies  but there are implementation hurdles and potential for abuse. The proposed Digital India Act seeks to close gaps in digital regulations, resulting in a more secure and innovative digital landscape.

Drone Law's Changing Legal Environment: Weighing Potential Risks And Benefits.

Blog by – Adv. Akanksha P. Tipnis

Date – 11-03-2024

Drones provide legal concerns such as privacy violations and airspace security. Drones are classified by weight under India’s Drone Rules, which also require registration and licenses. Recent cases have highlighted the legal consequences of unauthorized drone use, emphasizing the need for balanced regulation to ensure safety and societal benefit.

Unveiling the Threat Understanding Sim Swapping Fraud and How to Protect Yourself.

Blog by – Rishab R. Bafna.

Date – 29-02-2024

SIM card swapping fraud involves scammers deceiving victims to obtain their phone numbers, enabling unauthorized access to sensitive data and finances. Prevention includes 2FA, cautious sharing of personal information, device security, and monitoring transactions. Regulatory measures and awareness efforts are vital in combating this threat.

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